Baldwin Belt Burners Snowmobile Club

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The Baldwin Belt Burners Snowmobile Club was founded in Baldwin, Maine, on April 4, 1975.  The officers were: Stephen Wood, Pres., Dale Locke. VP., Jolene Thomas, Sec., and Nadine Ridlon, Treas.  The board of Directors were Richard C Sanborn, Gene Bliss, Murray Milliken, Victor Worden, John Sanborn, Fred Locke, and Olin Thomas.  The trail masters were: Ronald Thomas, James Thomas, Dwight Warren, Carl Ridlon, Dale Locke, and Harland Bliss.  James Thomas was the club representative to the MSA.  Connie Wood and Ada Locke chaired the refreshment committee.  Sally Thomas, and Sandy Locke were club reporters.snowmobiling

The club has enjoyed many years of good friendship as they participated in club meetings, trail work, potluck suppers, Old Home Day parades, Club rides etc.  Back in the early nineties when Jim Hulit joined the club he brought with him the Steep Falls trail system which is currently part of our approx. 41 miles of great trail system.  The club makes donations every year to the Pine Tree Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and other charities as well as a scholarship program for local youths.

The club currently consists of about 40 members and we meet at the East Baldwin fire barn September through April with a club outing in May. The present officers are: Jeremy Jordan, Pres., Nick Jordan, VP., Jeanne Jordan, Treas., Jessica Jordan, Sec. and club reporter, Jim Hulit and Nick Jordan trail masters, Clay Morrill, Safety Chairman, Sandy Miner and Lisa Joy, social directors.

Make sure to say hi as you pass by our many groomers.  These are the guys who work on the trails year round to give us these great trails.  Groomer operators: Freddy Miner, Jim Hulit, Nick Jordan, Trevor Lee, Jeremy Jordan, and Arthur Jordan.

Thank you for checking out our new website.  We are trying to move the club into the 21st century.  Make sure you check out our photo gallery and our upcoming events.  We’re hoping for some snow this year and a chance for our first radar runs and poker runs.

Be sure to stop by the snack shack, say hi, and grab the best burgers around.

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Skiing at the Mountain

Getting off a ski chair lift while using a snowboard is a challenge faced by every beginner snowboarder. While it can be challenging, every beginning snowboarder can learn this skill. These are the tips I give beginning snowboarders when they are learning how to get off the ski chairlift with a snowboard.

The bindings are sized as small medium and large. While choosing the binding care must be taken to wear the snowboard boot to get the right size and fit. With the boot on, you should point the toe so it is placed inside the binding, with this done the heel should be pushed down and up in the heel cap. While this is done the heel of the boot should slide freely into the binding. If the choice is the strap-binding too much strap should not be left on either side.

Beginners usually go for strap bindings; they are generally easily adjustable. this type of bindings have adjustable straps, a base plate and adjustable straps. Strap bindings can be adjusted without having to stop; this is good for beginners who are not sure how tight bindings should feel. If you exaggerate, things may get out of control quickly. So, be careful.

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled bindings and take them to a Rossignol snowboard retailer for inspection and free replacement t-nuts. Consumers can also contact Rossignol to have a repair kit mailed to them. T-nuts marked in red-ink or with an embossed dot have been repaired.

The best way to stay warm and dry is to dress in layers. Cotton or natural fabrics against the skin allow for moisture to be kept away from the skin providing warmth. A nylon or other water resistant outer layer will prevent outside moisture for getting in against the skin. Clothing should be loose to allow movement.

Now you need to chose best snowboard bindings. As a beginner, you will likely want to chose an entry level snowboard binding such as the Burton Freestyle. It has a fully poly-carbonate base which is designed to flex rather than bend – a big difference when you are carving up the mountain.setting up snowboard bindings

Take It Easy. If at all doable expect to spend your first evening at a lower elevation in town and not at 10,000 feet. taking a night to get used to the change in altitude may go far in assisting you to adjust. Have a nice meal, go to a concert, check out the city. Make plans beforehand for what to do that first night in town. Probably everyone may be fatigued from the trip anyway.

If staying over at lower elevation isn’t feasible, at least take it easy the first day on the mountain. Take the time to get your snow legs under you and check out the mountain in easy stages. keep the steeps for later.

Rain gutter mounted ski and snowboard roof racks are quickly fading from today’s market. Most modern cars are not designed with rain gutters. If you have a car that has gutters, you will find these ski racks to be very convenient. They install in seconds, however they can also be stolen in seconds. If you will be storing your ski or snowboard gear inside, this could still be an ideal ski and snowboard rack. One of the more popular models that can still be found on eBay or Craigslist is the Bic Sport Rack.

It is important that you keep in mind, in order to keep it in good shape you require to do some hot waxing on it. For this purpose, you will need an iron, wax and a scraper. You can buy specially designed iron for this purpose and the wax you use should be the one that can be used either hot or cold. With the help of iron apply a generous coat of wax all over the body and edges of the snowboard.

As a ski lovers, do you know all about the ski equipment? For example, Spyder skiing clothes, Snowboard, snowboarding boots, perhaps all these do you have heard or used, but you really understand them? Also is the concrete structures and that they use! Sounds like exactly what it is. Here some details maybe can give you some help.

Some resorts also have a workbench, if you decide to switch make use of the work bench provided. For those who don’t know what your doing and they don’t include a work bench for use, ask the repair center but the majority likely they may charge for any labor.

Description: This recall involves 2007 model year Rossignol best snowboard bindings. Models included in the recall are: HC 750, HC 1000, HC 2000, HC 3000, HC Mini, HC Amber, HC Diva, HC Harmony, HC Sonar, HC Zena and Jones Brown.

The fitting process will confirm that you are trying the proper size and help to determine the style of boot that fits your foot shape best. Start by removing the liner of the boot, if possible, so that you can place your foot into the ski or snowboard boot shell. Simply skip this step if the liner cannot be removed. With your foot in the shell slide your foot forward so that your toes are touching the front if the shell but not curled. There should be about two fingers worth of space between your heel and the back of the shell for a generous fit, one finger for a tighter, performance fit. Shell fitting will confirm that the shell size is within the range that will fit your foot the best.

First stop is at Colorado where there are various ski and snowboarding resorts. They are just among the famous locations that people usually stay at for a ski vacation. Aspen, for one, has been constantly magnificent! You could conserve expenses for the rental car that you will be using to go back and forth the airport when you reserve your outing with Orbitz. Additionally, you could avail of discounts on resorts which are suitably proximate to the slopes.

Christy’s Sports is having its “2009 End of Season Sale.” Shoppers can save 30-50% off of ski equipment, and 20-40% off of snowboards. Christy’s is also selling clothing from brands such as Burton, Sypder, Descente, and 686 at 30-50% off.

A boot fitter in a shop is trained to ask the right questions so that you can explain to them how the boot feels. Once you understand how the boot should feel the salesperson can help direct you to a boot that not only fits your skiing or snowboarding style but your foot as well. When you shop on line you will have to search for product reviews to do this for yourself.

Internet is another source where you can get Discount Snowboard Gear. Internet is the place where you can get both used as well as new equipments. There are number of online stores that are dedicated to provide world class snowboard equipments. So all you have to do is give some time and do a little bit of searching. One has an unlimited choice of snowboard gear over internet. At first lock on the types of equipments you want then go for its hunt on internet. It is good to compare prices of different stores before finalizing a deal.