Baldwin Belt Burners Snowmobile Club

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The Baldwin Belt Burners Snowmobile Club was founded in Baldwin, Maine, on April 4, 1975.  The officers were: Stephen Wood, Pres., Dale Locke. VP., Jolene Thomas, Sec., and Nadine Ridlon, Treas.  The board of Directors were Richard C Sanborn, Gene Bliss, Murray Milliken, Victor Worden, John Sanborn, Fred Locke, and Olin Thomas.  The trail masters were: Ronald Thomas, James Thomas, Dwight Warren, Carl Ridlon, Dale Locke, and Harland Bliss.  James Thomas was the club representative to the MSA.  Connie Wood and Ada Locke chaired the refreshment committee.  Sally Thomas, and Sandy Locke were club reporters.snowmobiling

The club has enjoyed many years of good friendship as they participated in club meetings, trail work, potluck suppers, Old Home Day parades, Club rides etc.  Back in the early nineties when Jim Hulit joined the club he brought with him the Steep Falls trail system which is currently part of our approx. 41 miles of great trail system.  The club makes donations every year to the Pine Tree Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and other charities as well as a scholarship program for local youths.

The club currently consists of about 40 members and we meet at the East Baldwin fire barn September through April with a club outing in May. The present officers are: Jeremy Jordan, Pres., Nick Jordan, VP., Jeanne Jordan, Treas., Jessica Jordan, Sec. and club reporter, Jim Hulit and Nick Jordan trail masters, Clay Morrill, Safety Chairman, Sandy Miner and Lisa Joy, social directors.

Make sure to say hi as you pass by our many groomers.  These are the guys who work on the trails year round to give us these great trails.  Groomer operators: Freddy Miner, Jim Hulit, Nick Jordan, Trevor Lee, Jeremy Jordan, and Arthur Jordan.

Thank you for checking out our new website.  We are trying to move the club into the 21st century.  Make sure you check out our photo gallery and our upcoming events.  We’re hoping for some snow this year and a chance for our first radar runs and poker runs.

Be sure to stop by the snack shack, say hi, and grab the best burgers around.

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