Trail Map

Trail Conditions 1/27/2011

Hello Snowmobilers,

We now have an excellent base and as of tonight the complete system has been groomed. The snack shack will be open at least Saturday so be sure to stop by for a burger or a hotdog.

On a different note, we really need all of you to contact your local representatives about a revamp of the club reimbursement program. Most people have no idea how this system works so here goes my best explanation in abbreviation. The state pays $100 per mile up to a maximum of 37 miles= $3,700.00. Sounds like alot? Well on a normal winter we spend over $1,000 in just fuel. Groomer maintenance is easily over $1,000 and that’s not counting breakdowns. The rest builds bridges, pays scholerships, insurance and believe it or not, register all the sleds. We turn in about $5,000 more in slips at the end of the year than we bring in. Oh yeh, we have to buy the groomers and sleds out of that same pot. So the reason I’m telling you this is that the local clubs in this area are broke and the volunteers are fed up with not having money and equipment to deal with. With the price of fuel more and more people are using the trail system in southern Maine and the state refuses to change the club grant system, which has been the same rate since the early eighties. I have been trying to get things changed for quite some time now and noone seems to be listening. So now it’s your turn. Call anyone in Augusta that will listen and let’s bug them until they make some changes.

Thanks for listening, and see you on the trail!